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Lindsey MacNeil

UX Architect and Strategist

Professional Profile

Passionate user experience and human factors designer with over 12 years of experience creating solutions with audience adoption, growing creative teams and advocating the value of design as a foundational business operation, tool set and craft.

I started in Service and Process Design thanks to my initial career as a mimic singer. I ended up mute for a year with ruptured vocal cords. Thankfully with the help of several medical and vocal professionals I regained the ability to speak. Soon after I worked with many of my physicians on their patient and practitioner experiences which eventually grew into my first consulting practice.

With my latest role, heading the UX of Axway, I’ve had the honor of leading and mentoring a wonderful international group of experience and interaction designers. Together we sought to support the product teams in shaping the solutions offered by the company and experiences encountered with the company.

Personal Information

Based in Mesa Arizona
Mobile: (602) 743-3831


Experience Design Leadership

Discovering and defining the different scopes of experience a company or organization is needing to support (CX, UX, LX, PX, etc.) then working with different teams to optimize those experiences at all levels.

Experience Strategy

A careful blend of business strategy and experience design to help craft innovative multi-touch solutions that people want to use or engage with.

Culture Advocacy

Coaching others to see through blind spots and biases as each interaction is an opportunity for presence, learning, contribution and excellence for ourselves and those we support internally or externally.

Creative Direction

Leading the communication design, interactive design, and overall concept forward in any work assigned or under my purview. Guiding a team of employees with design skills and experience to execute or refine solutions that have been defined.

Design Team Management

Coordinating the work efforts of a design team to deliver on company needs and/or goals while growing the skills of the team as a whole.

Experience Architecture

Articulating and designing a clear user story/journey through information architecture, interaction design and experience design that an end user navigates across products and services offered.

Design Process

1. Understand


Research to develop and refine knowledge and empathy for the target market segment. This could be through any number of methods such as customer site visits, target market meet ups, and surveys. Fold in any learnings from past implementation cycles.


Use the combined research to define the problem space of that market space and highlight opportunities for innovation.

2. Explore


Generate creative ideas with total freedom. Iterating, expanding and distilling on ideas that are shared.


Create tactical, testable, representations of a subset of those ideas. The goal being to learn and iterate quickly towards a concept that is good enough to be built out.

3. Materialize


Seek real user feedback if a designed solution meets their needs or not. Continue to test and iterate until you reach a concept that is a good enough minimum viable product and marketable experience.


Give the concept life. In the case of agile development this could be production code creation, or for a physical product this could be starting to create molds or forms.

Technical Skills

The following skill definitions are from international experience organizations such as UXPA and IxDA.


10+ years
Designers must understand what their audiences want and how they view the world. This means mastering the ability to plan, conduct, and analyze findings from a variety of research methods.

Information Architecture

7+ years
Organizing information in an understandable manner. Applicable to websites, apps, software, printed materials, and even physical spaces.

Human Factors & Ergonomics

6+ years
Designing products, systems, or processes to take fuller account of the interaction between them and the people who use them.

Visual Communication

6+ years
Defining the conceptual visuals of components or entire composites. Communicating them in a way that ensures the final product follows any systems or structures also required.


7+ years
Creating a lightweight representation of a solution to test with users and ensure that the overall design meets both business needs and user goals.

Usability & Analytics

7+ years
Measuring the quality of a user’s experience when interacting with a product, solution or system.

Interaction Design

7+ years
Designing the interactive behaviors of a product or system with a specific focus on their use.


8+ years
Blueprinting what a final solution will be in rough detail. Defining all of the elements that need to be present.

Soft Skills

The following skill definitions are my personal interpretations.


I'm always looking to engage with clients, products, journeys and challenges in meaningful ways.


Keeping in touch with the emotions and perspectives of the target market helps me to deliver engaging solutions.


Nothing ground breaking was created by someone alone. So, I relish any opportunity to work within a team.

Story telling

To effectively communicate with and across teams I often craft stories to help convey and root designed concepts.


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Based in Mesa Arizona
Mobile: (602) 743-3831

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